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Projection Screens

Portable Screens

Great for trainers who are on the go and need a screen to go with their portable projectors.

Styles include tripod, vertical lift and four-way 'spider arm' (tension) systems.

Manual Pull-down / Chain-drive Screens

Pull-down screens are designed for fixed installations in smaller rooms and are very cost-effective.

Pull-downs are available between 76" and 136" sizes. The larger sizes use a chain (much like a blind) rather than a pull-down to avoid stress on the fabric causing unwanted ripples.

Motorised Projection Screens

A motorised projection screen is a great option for spaces which require versatility or clean aesthetics. Because the screen can be raised into it's canister when not in use, it can be placed in front of other surfaces such as whiteboards or even TVs for flexible use. It is also less prone to accidental damage when raised as the fabric is not visible.

If you wish to completely conceal a Motorised Screen, a Screen Box allows the canister to be installed within the void of a ceiling and simply shows a small slit for the screen to drop through. Motorised Screens are commonly deployed in sizes up to 180" in size, but can be manufactured as big as 500" for the largest venues such as conference centres and university lecture theatres.

In this type of screen there are also specialty fabrics available for tricky spaces such as Rear Projection, Acoustic Transparent and the option to "Backwards Roll" the fabric so it can even be installed to the back of a pelmet floating above a stage with the canister facing the wrong direction.

Fixed Frame Screens

Fixed frame screens provide a very high quality screen and are the preferred option if image quality is your biggest concern. They are also cost effective in comparison to a motorised screen, but lack flexibility as they must be installed to a wall with their frame, much like a canvas. This means the fabric is always accessible to accidental damage, so is not suitable for many school spaces and public access environments.

Fixed frames also have the options for different fabrics, such as Rear Projection, Acoustically Transparent and Hi Contrast Grey.