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Control Systems

The purpose of an audio-visual control system is to simplify the end user's experience in using the technology in a space. Even if you only have one device such as a Projector in your rooms, does the remote have buttons that can affect the system's usability if pressed inadvertently? Or does the remote run out of batteries, or even run out of the room?

A Control System solves all these dilemmas and is particularly necessary when there are multiple hardware components in one system. There are several varieties of Control System that can be deployed depending on the complexity of the system and budget constraints.

JED T470 A/V Controller

This controller is a single wall-mount device, with everything it requires built into the plate installed to the wall. It fits like a standard power outlet or light switch so can easily be integrated with existing controls for the room's lighting, air con etc.

It works great with single Displays and Projection Screens, Room Occupancy Sensors (auto-turn off the room when not in use) and the buttons can be customised for each project. Up to 10 buttons fit on one panel.

Available in white and silver finishes.

Crestron A/V Control Systems

Crestron is a global leader in control systems. They offer a comprehensive range of hardware for control, signal management and distribution, environmental and lighting controls and even audio components to ensure end-to-end integrated hardware across even the most complex installation requirements.

Most Crestron solutions are now connected via the IT network to ensure easy monitoring and support from on-site IT teams; they can see issues in real-time like they would their existing network infrastructure.

Crestron has preprogrammed solutions for common room scenarions but is also famous for it's flexbility in creating fully customised programmed solutions.

There are three common user interfaces to Crestron systems:

  • Hard button Wall Plates
  • Touch Screens
  • Virtual Control Panels (on a PC or Tablet)

JED T470

Crestron MPC-M5

Crestron Touch Screen

Crestron Virtual Control