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Audio Systems

Self-Powered Speakers

Self Powered Speakers are the most cost-effective addition to your Display or Computer. They attach directly to the Display via a standard audio cable, do not require amplifiers and will most likely not require additional power points.

Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers are a great choice if you require evenly spread out sound across a larger area and don't wish to have visible wall mounted speakers.

Ceiling speakers need to be paired with a suitable amplifier, but can still be linked very easily with a Display.

Ceiling speakers can also easily be 'zoned' to suit rooms with Concertina Walls.


A great alternative to traditional wall-mount speakers which can provide a high quality sound along with high volume levels. Some are available with wireless sub-woofers for spaces which may use more video and music playback.

Sound Reinforcement Systems - Large Venues, Houses of Worship

In large venues, audio systems need to be designed to match the requirements of the space. Large voids and reflective surfaces are common in large venues, and mean that trying to provide enough power to single 'point and shoot' speakers to be louder than the ambient noise without causing unwanted reverberation and reflection of sound can be challenging.

Contact us to discuss your large venue requirements.